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Our partnering philosophy is built around productive relationships with our small business partners and entrepreneurs utilizing the strength of our industry expertise and relationships, mobile technology and consortium level back office resources in support of you, our business partner, in service to our riders. Within this relationship, Big Star will help bridge many of the gaps that prevent you from entering this regulation-intense, but very economically advantageous, specialized passenger transportation market that Uber and Lyft cannot offer. And because our clients are often government agencies with a registered ridership, there is often no need to go hunting for rides. We know our ridership 24 hours in advance.

CONTRACTING: By contracting with Big Star on the Big Star Network, you will be joining the safest, most secure and sensitive specialized passenger transportation network of its kind. You will also be gaining access to those costly and hard to find resources, like:

  • Low Cost On-Line Training and Certification for Your Operators.
  • Access to Low Cost Wheelchair Accessible and Sedan Vehicle Leases to Grow Your Fleet. 
  • Affordable Commercial Vehicle Auto Liability Insurance to Meet Commercial Contract Requirements. 

CREDENTIALING: Each Big Star service contains varying levels of vehicle and operator credentialing. Depending on the service you wish to provide, through our online portal Big Star will define each requirement and offer referrals to qualified instructors and inspectors in order to expedite your path to start-up and revenue growth. Upon completion of the credentialing process a Big Star Representative will conduct an initial site visit to evaluate your office location and equipment, perform any necessary vehicle inspections, and answer any additional questions.


Big Star realizes that our target audience of currently employed and underpaid small businesses and vehicle operators in transit markets may not have the resources and equipment to realize their entrepreneurial spirit in the industry that they hold dear. However, we’ve got you covered. Big Star maintains relationships and referrals to provide you the resources that you need to get started or grow your company, to include anything from obtaining credentials, to wheelchair vehicle leasing and insurance.

  • Big Start Transit is always recruiting star quality service providers to become part of our transportation network. Big Star Transit, LLC is currently seeking transportation service providers in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex, Chicagoland and NW Indiana, and Oklahoma/Stillwater/Tulsa, OK areas:


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