Please complete and submit a letter of intent, which details the types of services you offer, your service area, hours of availability, and company contact information.

Big Start Transit is always recruiting high quality service providers to become part of our transportation network. Big Star Transit, LLC. seeks the following types of service providers in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex, College Station - Austin Texas, Chicagoland Area and Oklahoma City:

  • Transportation providers, including those with sedans, vans, wheelchair lift vehicles, and stretcher vans


CONTRACTING: Big Star Transit, LLC. will draft Service Agreements and Contracts along with a reimbursement schedule for your company to include the requirements set forth by our Provider Guidelines. Once the executed contracts are returned to Big Star Transit, LLC., we will create an online credentialing profile for your company. Upon your profile being completed, Big Star Transit, LLC. will request that all required documentation is sent through this profile for best tracking. Note: Online system training will be available. 

CREDENTIALING: Before you can perform any service for Big Star Transit, LLC., we request that you submit the necessary insurance documentation, driver and/or staff lists, driver and/or criminal background checks (where applicable), and other requested credentials to Big Star Transit, LLC. through your online portal. When the credentialing process is complete, a Big Star Transit Representative will conduct an initial site visit to evaluate your office location and equipment, perform any necessary vehicle inspections, and answer any additional questions.